Cork for a Cause

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: Make great wine and help others at the same time.

Cork For A Cause was started by Josh Fletcher as an extension of Cork House Winery in Washington State. Joshua originally designed a tasting room at his winery that could hold and sponsor charitable events throughout the year. This vision has grown into the Cork For A Cause label, website, and a greater ability to help others.

Each year Cork House Winery plans to release some of its most exclusive wine selected from the most exceptional vintages and renowned appellations. These Cork For A Cause releases will be truly a one of a kind creation that wine lovers are sure to enjoy with each and every bottle purchased. Please see our current release –Washington State | 2006 Vintage.

Each bottle purchased will help each cause in a significant way. Supporting Cork For A Cause helps provide free mammograms, preserves rain forest, feeds a family in need, rescues animals, helps veterans in need, provides health care for children, provides emergency relief around the world and this is just the beginning. We will continue to develop our support locally and across the world. Please be a part of this mission and share this with your friends. Each Facebook page "like" goes a long way in furthering these efforts!


We are very proud of our wine and it is our continued focus to partner with great organizations, charities, and other generous people to find projects and initiatives that can really help make a difference one bottle at a time.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to look into other great ways that we can help. We hope that with your help, our list of supported causes can grow as Cork For A Cause becomes the wine of choice with your friends, family and loved ones. Please sign up for our mailing list below.


Josh Fletcher

Founders of Cork For A Cause

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